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Find a wide range of accessories to match with your sleeping bag to make your camping experience a much more comfortable one! Pillows come in many styles, you can choose from self inflating, folding, soft and fleecy or bean filled. Sleep mats keep you warmer as they create a barrier between you and the cold floor, they also act as a mattress type accessory giving you a small amount of home comforts. Mats come in full length and 3/4 lengths dependant on your available space. Air beds are ideal for sleepovers and some are also suitable for outdoor use, giving you some added comfort when sleeping in the wilderness! Liners create a barrier between you and the sleeping bag which allows you to go longer without washing the sleeping bag and a liner is much easier to wash. Liners also add some extra warmth to your sleeping bag and don't weight much. Stuff sacks and compressions sacks make easy work of packing up your sleeping bag and transporting from A to B. Compression bags can also make the pack size much smaller making it easier to pack away in your backpack when space saving is crucial!
Liners Liners
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Pillows Pillows
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Sleep Mats Sleep Mats
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Compression & Stuff Sacks Compression & Stuff Sacks
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