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By Use

By Use

Uses for sleeping bags can vary between season, user and personal preference so we have tried to cover all bases and include all imaginable uses for sleeping bags. Camping sleeping bags are usually simple and cheap, no frills but still keep you warm. Festival sleeping bags contain cheap and cheerful sleeping bags as well as funky sleeping bags suits. The caravan category includes mainly rectangular shaped sleeping bags with a range of season ratings for year round use. Hiking & trekking includes our most lightweight and compact sleeping bags. Travelling abroad also includes compact and lightweight sleeping bags but many of them also feature mosquito nets and anti bacterial protection. Home & sleepover sleeping bags include many of our kids sleeping bags and lower season ratings. Extreme and mountain contains are high performance, mainly down filled sleeping bags. The D of E range includes D of E recommend or endorsed sleeping bags for expeditions. We also have categories for army, cycling and fishing sleeping bags.
Camping Camping
90 products
Music Festivals Music Festivals
23 products
Caravans & Motorhomes Caravans & Motorhomes
52 products
Hiking & Trekking Hiking & Trekking
26 products
Travelling Abroad Travelling Abroad
29 products
Home & Sleepovers Home & Sleepovers
50 products
Extreme & Mountain Extreme & Mountain
14 products
Duke of Edinburgh Duke of Edinburgh
4 products
Army, Cadet & Military Army, Cadet & Military
11 products
Cycling & Biking Cycling & Biking
13 products
Fishing Fishing
9 products