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When choosing a sleeping bag you need to know what type you want. Think about what you will be using it for and you can go from there. Which sleeping bag you choose will eventually lead to a good or a bad nights sleep so it's not something to take lightly. Our adult sleeping bags range from 1 season to 4+ season and will cover a range of uses such as cycling, camping, trekking and much more. Our kids sleeping bags are cool, funky and include may great designs as well as being practical for D of E expeditions and other camping trips. Our women's sleeping bags include pink and purple colours as and models made specifically to accommodate women, with shorter lengths and added insulation features. Baby sleeping bags allow you to go camping or head for adventures as a full family without having to worry about the little one! Sleeping bags filled with down are speciality bags offer an excellent warmth to weight ratio & are perfect for hikers and mountaineers that need lightweight and compact gear for their adventures.

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